#StudentLoan: President Tinubu Is Here To Finish You Off – Sowore Warns Students

The Bola Tinubus of Nigeria that spent all your national wealth to train their children in the best schools at home and abroad for free are going to introduce schools fees NOW and then push you to get students’ loans from the same gov’t if you have household income of 500,000 Naira (Mind you, only about 700k out of 125 million banked Nigerians have up to N500k in their bank accounts according to @NDICNigeria ) and then you need a lawyer and a judicial officer as your guarantor. and when you can’t pay back your loans in 2 years upon graduation you’re heading to prison!

Even if you’re the biblical “Job” this should not happen to you within a tenderly six years of you life attending college and settling down after graduation. And @NANSNIG leaders were with @officialABAT yesterday throwing their hapless colleagues under the bus because they too wanna do “Dorime” with @STinubu

Better know now that @officialABATand his @OfficialAPCNg regime is here to finish you off before you get a head start in life. Go ask Americans who were told #StudentLoan with earn them the fabled “American Dream” what they’re going through today. #RevolutionNow

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